ANKOBAGS is a family run business. We are a team of enthusiasts who have one goal, namely to create a company where everything is done very carefully by hand and very carefully. We make bags and accessories in small lots only, investing time and attention to each individual product produced. If you dream of an exclusive and high-quality accessory made of genuine leather then ANKOBAGS is the place to shop.

We  craft leather bags, totes, handbags, clutch bags, crossbody bags,  messenger bags, purses, backpacks, rucksacks, knapsack, packsacks, travel bags, wrist bags, shoulder bags, diaper bags, market bags, duffle bags, weekenders, laptop bags, wallets and other genuine, natural, full grained leather accessories. Our path has started in 1997 from a small workshop. Out dedication and attention to detail gives special coloring and energy to the products created in the family workshop of ANKOBAGS. For these reasons our products have been highly valued by our customers for more than 20 years. Our products are indemand thanks to the quality and usage of exclusively natural materials. Join our mailing list now to keep up to date on our products.

A stylish and tasteful leather bag has become the primary accessory not only for fashion conscious ladies, but for all modern women.

Natural leather has always been one of the most high-quality and durable materials for manufacturing bags. In our shop you can choose bags of all colours and sizes, and each one is of top quality and sold at a reasonable price.

Not sure which bag to choose? Remember:

- pick a bag according to your prime needs, be it business or shopping or carry school book etc.

- the bag should go with the style of clothes and shoes you generally wear;

- each bag has its own purpose. Therefore, it could be chosen for a particular occasion – to carry your documents to work or your place of studying, accompany you on weekdays or highlight your appearance at a festive event;

Regardless of other factors, there are three main criteria to select the right bag:

- the bag should go together with your style of dressing;

- the bag should contrast with clothes (the contrast can be mild or strong, depending on how much you want to attract the attention of others);

All these simple rules will help you navigate through the huge choice that the ANKOBAGS shop provides!

ANKOBAGS shop will become your integral assistant when choosing the perfect leather bag.

In ANKOBAGS you can buy a bag for any occasion. It is one of the biggest shops, where you can find everything you need – big and small, classic and modern, bright and delicate colour bags are waiting for their future owners. We guarantee reasonable prices and excellent quality make our product popular with all styles.